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Earn respect

No matter how knowledgeable or skilled you are, you will find it difficult to get where you want to be if you’re not liked. Although you may still be an effective leader, you’re unlikely to become a great one. You may be successful to a certain extent, but you will not have the admiration and kudos to be able to sample the sweet taste of real success.

Without the goodwill of others, you will find that you have to overcome frequent barriers, making your journey a particular struggle. The key to getting people behind you is to win over hearts and minds by working tirelessly to earn respect.

On the road to success, you’ll be tempted into activities that may appear to get you closer to your dream, but in reality are simply short-term tricks that will damage your reputation, lose you respect and ultimately make your mission harder. Although it can be more of an effort to do the right thing, it is likely to pay real dividends in the long term.

You need to consider the factors that can have a direct influence on your reputation and the level of respect you can garner. Doing everything you can to win the respect of others will mean you’ll realise your vision more quickly, while enjoying the journey and the success far more

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