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Effective Self Leadership

Effective leadership is one of the key success factors for organisations and most would acknowledge this fact. We believe that before we can go on to lead the organisation, we must be equipped to manage Your Own Life Ltd.

Self-leadership centres on us being in charge of our own life.

Here are some thoughts on leading ourselves:

  1. We must be ready for take-off and up for it! Our personal vision and values often have a powerful influence on what we do in the boardroom. Are these issues aligned?

  2. Achieving success means that we must surround ourselves with people that are great at what they do!

  3. We must treat everyone as individuals and in the same way. Great leaders have respect for all people irrespective of who they are and what they do!

  4. Get the best from people and understand their strengths and weaknesses. Build a network of likeminded individuals that can support you in your journey for success

  5. Accept that everyone is different and don’t judge people. Use individuals to their strengths and be clear on the contribution they can make

  6. If we are to develop personally, we must constantly extend our comfort zones and make small steps to moving forward

  7. Learning and development is the ultimate source of competitive advantage for you and your organisation. Embark on a journey of learning - this personal ethos needs to be embraced within your organisation

  8. Embrace uncertainty with a positive outlook, tackle problems head on, feel the fear and get on with it!

  9. What goes on at home must be left behind when we get into the office. Leading is sometimes like being a performer - you are on stage so smile!

  10. You must talk the talk and walk the walk. Don’t preach what you don’t practice - you are under the spotlight and people are observing your actions continuously

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