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Entrepreneurs - born or made?

There has been lots of debate and discussion as to whether entrepreneurs are born or made. It seems like there are distinctly two schools of thought - those that adamantly believe they are born and those who say they are made.

Entrepreneurship can be taught. Everyone has a flicker of a great idea in them; it's just many individuals need to find the switch to turn on the light. Listening to someone that motivates you, seeing something whilst on holiday or realising you could do something better than what is currently available, often inspires the spirit of enterprise.

There are so many cliche frameworks of what entrepreneurs look like - experience is that they come in many shapes and sizes, personalities, attitudes and behaviours. The Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance published by the University of Cambridge Press holds the answer.

The book tells us to forget that the notion that genius, talent or any other innate qualities create the “greats”. Winning Pitch believes that success and indeed becoming a successful entrepreneur is down to 1% inspiration, 29% good tuition and 70% hard work and graft.

If you have an idea and you want to pursue it GO FOR IT - but before taking the plunge make sure that head, heart and wallet are aligned!

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