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What's this? Some new form of martial art? The latest Japanese management technique? No, its actually very simple, common sense advice. Yet it is hardly ever followed.

FIJTO stands for:






It's something we invariably don't do in our companies. Instead we keep on 'fixing' the same problems time after time, after time. The amount of time and energy that's expended in solving - or rather trying to solve - the same old problems, week in week out, is frightening. What's more, focusing on problems or negatives isn't the way to build a successful, high growth company. High growth companies spend their time focused on opportunities - to do that means you have to fix problems first time. Fix It Just The Once. For instance:

  • Why not stop 'fixing' that clapped out packaging machine every couple of weeks or so. Instead FIJTO - replace it with a new one, or subcontract out your packaging

  • Why not stop trying to 'fix' the problems you have with that old product that a few of your long standing customers still occasionally order? Why not sell them the newer products - or simply declare the product is obsolete and replace it with a new one - or a bought in one if it would be too costly to make a new product in small volume, in-house

  • Why not stop 'fixing' that problem employee! If you have a square peg in a round hole, i.e. someone who continually messes things up, then re-deploy them to another position which better suits their skills - or get rid of them (following all the correct Employment Law procedures)

  • Why not stop trying to 'fix' that problem component every month? Instead of making it (badly!) yourself in-house why not fix it just once by subbing it out to another company?

  • Why not stop trying to 'fix' that problem supplier? The one whose products always arrive late or what you receive always differs slightly from what you actually ordered. Find another supplier! Fix it once!

Try coming up with some FIJTO solutions for your company's problems. You will probably save money, you will certainly save time - and it's also good for your blood pressure. More importantly it's essential if your company is to remain a high growth, sustainable, business - focused on opportunities not just on problems.

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