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Face the brutal facts

In developing a business or a career we have to be honest with ourselves in terms of what we can achieve given the resources we have at our disposal. For our personal development we must always maintain the self-belief that we can achieve a bigger and better future, this must be balanced against self-awareness. Winners have a great way of reality checking what they need to do to get the result, understanding our strengths and weaknesses and being true to ourselves is crucial. We must face the facts of what we must change to get the desired result - it is vital that we don’t set ourselves up to fail.

The same principle is applied to developing and growing a business; sometimes we must be clear on where the gaps exist in our skills and competency base. All too often we put our head in the sand and think the shortfall will address itself - trust us it won't. Change only occurs when we take action and put right what is wrong. If you don’t like doing the books then find an accountant that does or go on a course. The same is true for any other vital part

of running a business - sales, admin, and the list goes on.

In moving forward often we must face the brutal facts - change, the things that need to be changed otherwise you will at best, stand still. Winning is about doing the right things to get the desired outcome. Sometimes we must make uncomfortable decisions.

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