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Fast track your development - observe the winners

An article indicated that companies are wasting £75m a year on management and development schemes! we find this quite a worrying and disturbing fact - an obscene

amount of money. However it does not cause surprise!

Experience is beginning to show that many courses are delivered in true “Office” cliche  style - they are masked in theories and concepts that are extremely difficult to embrace and practice in the working environment.

Training and personal development needs to take a more practical approach, added to which it must be delivered by individuals that have lived and breathed what they are preaching.

We can fast track success by observing the practices and behaviours of those people we

perceive or believe to be winners. Ambitious people are often inspired by a small group of role models. When we get under the skin of what we believe to be their star qualities we can benchmark ourselves and implement an improvement plan that injects our own personality in to what we perceive to be best practice.

It is widely recognised that entrepreneurs learn from each other! Fast track success by taking on board the winning strategies and tactics of people you admire. Sounds such an obvious thing to do. The obvious things can be very deceptive!

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