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Find, Win, Keep

You may have heard it said that good marketing makes selling almost redundant. At Winning Pitch, we believe this is wrong - dangerously wrong. At best good marketing makes the job of selling easier. Ultimately however people buy from people.

Potential customers need to 'see the whites of your eyes'. They need to be convinced that you will do what you say you will do - and that you are the sort of people they want to do business with. Sales is what spearheads high growth businesses - not marketing. All too often marketing is used as a comfort blanket - "sales are down in the last couple of months, so let's do a bit more marketing". Truth is if sales are down, then first and foremost you need to focus on your sales activities.

At the heart of sales are three activities:

  • Find

  • Win

  • Keep

In other words your processes for identifying and reaching customers, converting opportunities into deals and finally to keep going i.e. keep on finding and winning and keep the orders flowing from your existing customers.

Find, Win, Keep is central to everything we do at Winning Pitch. The qualities needed for successful Find, Win, Keep are:

Excellent knowledge - of your own company, its markets, customers, competitors and its unique selling proposition

The ability to empathise - with all types of people. Sales people must be liked - and they must make potential customers feel at ease and yet also convinced that you can help them.

Which means you need:

Excellent listening skills - to unearth their needs and problems

Passion - a hunger for success, drive, determination, conviction, belief

Now you know why there are so many second rate sales people!

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