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First impressions

Why do you instinctively respect some people, but others can be very hard to appreciate? Clearly, to respect someone properly, you need to get to know them well enough to gain an appreciation of what they have achieved and how they have achieved it, along with their attitude, towards their friends, family and colleagues. You will also need an understanding of their values and beliefs. Yet it is still possible to feel an instant respect for someone you have only met once.

This is all down to how you deal with people on meeting them, and the first impressions you give. Projecting the right image in this way can make a major contribution to realising your vision, because first impressions stick in people’s minds and are likely to make them more

receptive to you during future meetings or conversations. As a result, it can help to speed through key agreements and cut down the time spent negotiating, as people are more likely to trust your judgement. It can also get your team firing on all cylinders from the start, because instantly they feel a sense of trust and loyalty towards you.

Creating the right impression early on is all about striking the right balance between quiet self-confidence, politeness, attentiveness, modesty and warmth. Openess, honesty and a self-effacing nature can also help. These are all attributes you need to embrace in your mindset to make sure your relationships get off to flying start.

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