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Formula for sales success

There are three ingredients to effective selling. Fundamentally, you need to know your stuff (FM), possess the ability of connecting with customers to create a win-win (CC) and have bags of energy (M).

Success = FM x CC x M

Some thoughts:

  1. Functional mastery (FM) is the term that defines our knowledge and understanding

  2. The components of FM include:

  3. Understanding the customers world

  4. Knowledge of your products and services

  5. Understanding of your company capability

  6. Competitive intelligence

  7. Another way of viewing FM - If you can’t explain it you cant sell it!

  8. Good selling is about problem solving - to solve problems you (and or the team) have to have FM

  9. Customer Connectivity (CC) defines the process of selling, from preparation through to creating a win-win with your customers

  10. Customer Connectivity can be also be viewed as the process of finding, winning and keeping customers

  11. The amount of preparation you put in will have a massive bearing on your sales success - “Sales Gym” concept

  12. Customer Connectivity and creativity skills work wonders

  13. Sales teams and individuals must exhibit high levels of Momentum (M) and motivation

  14. Compare you and your team to the equation.

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