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Fresh thinking

Freshness of thinking is a key component of driving new ideas and innovation. Remember it is vital that we maintain competitive advantage through continuously exploring new ways of doing things. To avoid getting into a personal “rut” regularly view things from different angles.

Some thoughts on how to practice "Fresh Thinking":

  • Think about things in your life or career that you believe need to change - are you getting stale?

  • Write down the things you think need to change and prioritise them. Develop a plan of action that will drive change and a new approach

  • Review colleagues' performances and ask yourself - what are they doing that I should be doing?

  • Simple but effective - try a new route into work, vary it every day - this will help to break established patterns and foster new thinking

  • Keep your antennae out looking for new thinking and ideas - other markets, other sectors

  • If it’s not broken, don’t fix it but remember - keep one eye on today and one on tomorrow - things can sometimes become too cushy

  • Don’t allow complacency to set in - this is a danger zone - what follows complacency is poor performance

  • Speak to your mentor, role model or colleagues and gain feedback on what they think you should change

  • Innovation and differentiation are driven by fresh thinking - when we do something different we get a different outcome

  • A fresh approach can be invigorating and rewarding - it introduces new possibilities and when it is regularly practiced it delivers amazing breakthroughs in performance

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