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Get noticed! (The memorable principle)

The memorable principle states that we remember the things that are outstandingly different. For example, if you go to Paris you remember the Eiffel Tower. How can you apply this in a world that is becoming increasingly competitive?

Some thoughts:

  • Doing something or giving something that was not expected leaves a big impression

  • Going the extra mile and providing an astonishing experience spreads like a virus

  • Rapid response and great levels of customer service leaves a lasting impression on customers

  • YOU make the difference.

  • 70% of a customer's decision to buy is based on personal chemistry

  • People make the difference - personalities make life exciting and fun

  • Product knowledge and detailed understanding of customer needs, demonstrates credibility

  • Just caring about what you do makes a difference - customers love it!

  • When you deliver a great service customers will go and tell their friends - your customers will become an extended sales force

  • Draw up a list of things that will make your next customer interaction memorable - throw creativity at problems not money!

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