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Get your head around it

In the quest for winning there is nothing more powerful than mental preparation. The ability to turn up and perform with maximum impact, without getting in 'the zone' is highly unlikely. Life tells us that many individuals have the will to win but very few have the will to prepare. Success involves preparation and we should never ignore the importance of mind preparation. Practice in the mind gym always helps:

  • Visualising the desired outcome

  • Anticipating what objections will be directed at you

  • Positive self talk - keep telling yourself you can

  • Ignore the inner voice saying “you can't”

Successful people have an aptitude of being able to get themselves into the ideal performing state. As I have stated in other thought pieces and learning bites, winning is a state of mind and we must constantly reinforce to ourselves, “I am a winner!” Mentally prepared individuals are more likely to win than those who are not. The foundations and building blocks for achieving peak personal performance comprise:

Once you have got your head around mental preparation then winning becomes a habit!

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