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Go the extra mile

If you’re in a supermarket, and you’re scanning the shelves for a particular product, you’re likely to be attracted to one that offers you ‘10% more’ for the same price. That’s because you will be getting more for your money. You’ll also feel better about your favourite band if they give you a ‘bonus track’ on their latest CD. It will probably make you feel special and like them even more. The same principle can be applied to anything you do, and can really help you in your mission to realise your vision. Finding a way to add real value to your offer is a key way to gain a competitive advantage, as well as engage more strongly with your audience and generate the loyalty, which can help to speed you along towards success.

This strategy of going the extra mile is the final success factor. In a world where many people do the bare minimum they need to, gaining a reputation for doing more than enough can help to strengthen key relationships and encourage people to stick with you. You can add value in order to not only secure the loyalty of your audience, but also provide you with a sense of pride and satisfaction in your work and, of course, take you closer to living your dream.

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