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Goal Setting

Setting goals is a vital part of personal and entrepreneurial progression. It is not a new concept and whilst many accept its benefit, very few practice this valuable technique. Try it in your business and your own development; it really does help to create “Winning Ways” Here are some thoughts:

  1. Define your goals and write them down in your personal journal. Committing from mind to paper is a vital component of goal setting.

  2. Break down goals into bite sized chunks and be determined to take small steps towards achieving the goals everyday.

  3. Focus on the progress you are making each day and creating “things to do list”. As you move through the list tick off what you have achieved.

  4. Goals must be constantly in your mind. Use all your senses to see, smell, feel and touch the end game. This will make it real!

  5. Be specific with your goals. “I want to be the best company in the creative sector” for example is not specific enough. The goals should read something like - we will be acknowledged as the best creative company by winning the relevant Innovation or Design Award.

  6. Define what needs to be done by when – the goals you set must have a timescale and achieved by a certain date.

  7. We must aim high, think big! Did anyone tell Richard Branson or Bill Gates to be realistic about their dreams and aspirations? The entrepreneurial world and economy needs passionate ambassadors that want to build great futures for them and others.

  8. Review where you are regularly – keep your finger on the pulse and if things are not going to plan change them and set a new course – however don’t lose sight of the end game.

  9. Celebrate success – give yourself and the business a pat on the back when you achieve what you set out to deliver.

  10. Goal setting should follow the philosophy of Think, Plan, Do, Review.

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