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Golden bridges

Successful people often have a great skill in building bridges with communities, networks and other individuals. This ability to engage and stand out from the crowd acts as a magnet, the resultant effect being enhanced connectivity with others that can help us to achieve our goals.

Building “Golden Bridges” with stakeholders is an effective way of moving ourselves to the next level of success. Consider the following:

  1. Personal chemistry is vital and having the ability to engage with others is a key component of winning. Rapport, trust and credibility act as the key ingredients for building relationships

  2. Give before you receive. Be open with others and try to help out where you can. Don’t be self-focused; however know when to draw the line

  3. Become a master of your trade, when you are knowledgeable, people will listen and seek your advice and input

  4. Build an effective network of likeminded people that are successful in their field - you then become a winner by association

  5. Be sure to be viewed as being different - that may be as simple as delivering on your promises. So many people talk a good game, but fail to follow through!

  6. Walk the walk and talk the talk, when others observe a consistent track record of making things happen - others will be attracted to your success

  7. Bang the drum and make noise about your achievements; this can be done in a professional way. Be proud of your success - the feeling of having made a difference is a great one! (Arrogance is a big no, no!)

  8. Manage your time carefully and remember the law of supply and demand. The more you are available the less your perceived value. If you are good at what you do others will want your time, balance this with point 2.

  9. Your personal brand is a vital component of creating “Golden Bridges” - people will walk towards you!

  10. It's all about relationships - a relationship starts with a conversation!

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