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Grasp the opportunities

To avoid wasting critical time and energy in realising your vision, you will not only need to be vigilant for key opportunities that can speed you forwards, but also to act on them quickly and decisively when they arise.

This may seem straightforward, but it is likely to require a fundamental change in the way you currently behave. This is because most people have a tendency to take the easy option, put off making difficult decisions and shy away from taking risks. As a result, many people go through life regretting that they did not do certain things and take particular actions

that could have meant that their lives turned out differently – perhaps more successfully and taking them closer to where they would have preferred to be.

Instilling yourself with the courage to make difficult decisions and take the necessary risks to ensure you seize key opportunities will play a vital role in achieving the success you crave.

We constantly reach crossroads in our day to day existence, and at these points we have to make a decision about which way to turn. Rather than taking the path of least resistance, you need to harness and focus your sense of purpose from your passion to succeed and make your choice based on which route will accelerate you towards your vision.

You need to understand the signals, spot the opportunities and go in with your mind open to the potential risks, so that you are ready to deal with them and seize your chance to get closer to your goal. That way you’ll replace the ‘if only’s and ‘what if’s with the satisfaction that you grasped the moment and have no regrets.

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