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Great selling & conversations

On occasion sales people don’t even know they are selling. When you observe a real winner, they are immersed in their products and services to such a point that they are genuinely trying to find common ground with what they have to offer and the needs of their customer.

This is really interesting to observe. When you encounter a great sales individual they engage very effectively because they recognise that its “about the customer” and satisfying their needs and requirements. It’s not about you and your next 'bagged' customer!

Not only do they listen attentively, they understand, interpret and provide a solution. Many sales courses and books talk about the importance of listening, quite right as well - however listening and understanding go hand in hand. You can do all the listening you want to, but if you don’t understand how your products or services can make that persons life better, then you are not going to get the desired outcome - Win/Win.

Our experience would indicate that selling is based on conversations were there is mutual respect for what is being said by both parties.

Knowing your stuff and having the ability to engage in conversations, are traits of the best sales individuals.

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