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Having a sense of humour

Although this may seem a strange subject, having a good sense of humour is arguably one of the most important traits you can possess. It will help to create that all-important upbeat atmosphere for those around you, helping you get the most from your people – in fact it will also act as a people magnet. Additionally, it will improve your ability to connect and engage with people, while helping to guard against arrogance by being able to laugh at yourself.

What’s more, it will increase your popularity, and when the going gets really tough it can help have a calming influence and help relieve the tension. The key is to make sure that in your quest for your vision, you don’t lose your sense of humour, as it is one of your key assets. If you’re following your passion, you should enjoy the journey, no matter how hard it sometimes gets. As soon as you lose your ability to laugh at yourself or make light of a situation, you need to question whether you have been pulled off course, and check that you’re still aiming to achieve something you love.

When you work in an environment where a sense of humour overarches the culture, you will be far more likely to be creative, innovative and productive. In controlled measures, a sense of humour can be an extremely motivating force that gets the best out of individuals and teams. Humour and laughter are the most undervalued and underrated tools in society.

Of course, humour should be used tastefully and appropriately. But it is certainly a great way to drive people to go the extra mile.

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