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I can do it - Self belief and awareness

Believing that we can achieve bigger and better things is always a good starting point for self - progression.

The most common factor that will hold you back is “YOU”. However self - awareness is a great quality, you must recognise and admit to needing help and assistance from others. Great tuition is vital to self - progression.

Some thoughts:

  1. Do away with limiting beliefs. Don’t convince yourself that you can’t do it

  2. If you tell yourself you can't achieve that next goal then you are setting yourself up to fail

  3. Take small steps forward in weak areas and keep pushing the boundaries

  4. Plug your skills - gap were necessary by seeking the support of others you respect

  5. Be proud of your personal achievements and keep reminding yourself of the successes

  6. Give yourself a pat on the back when you achieve

  7. Surround yourself with people that you admire and believe you can learn from

  8. Take criticism as a GIFT - It helps you address under performance. Take action to put it right!

  9. Self - belief must always be tinged with humility. If not you will be perceived as a big head!

  10. Just get stuck in and have a go. Keep telling yourself you CAN. Learn from your mistakes and be aware of what needs to be done to correct short falls in performance

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