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Great tuition is a key contributor to success and winning. Winning Pitch have observed that winners in business, politics, music and other areas of life are inspired by one or two people - a role model.

We believe that the process of comparing our own performance and attitudes to that of people we admire, then implementing a plan of action to embrace aspects their tactics and behaviour, is extremely powerful exercise.

Some thoughts:

1. Define those people:

  • That you aspire to

  • That have influenced the way you think

  • Whose success you would like to emulate

2. The person you choose maybe your boss, a colleague or even a high performer in your organisation.

3. Define what it is that makes them successful in your eyes:

  • Their knowledge

  • Qualifications

  • Presentation style

  • Networks and associations

  • Energy levels

  • Popularity with people

  • Dress sense

  • Whatever it means to you

4. Make a list of the top ten attributes that you believe would be beneficial if you integrated them into your own approach.

5. Go through your list and score yourself on a scale of 1-10 - how do you compare?

6. Highlight those areas where you think improvements need to be made.

7. List from the improvement areas the 5 things you are going to do differently?

8. Remember improvements begin with action - you must start to work on your improvement plan by taking small steps.

9. Life rewards people that take action.

10. We learn so much by injecting our own personality into the strategy and tactics of winners - the power of role models.

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