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Key points of clear purpose & direction

Clear points to give you clear purpose & direction

Think Big - stand back and see the big picture. Understand what you need to focus on in order to be a winner in your sector

Map The Future - create a motivating vision of your future, paint a picture of your company in five years time

Play To Your Strengths - chose how and where to compete, focus on opportunities that match your particular skills and experience

Continuous Learning - invest in learning and development, it’s the ultimate source of competition advantage

Aim high - set demanding, motivating goals

Focus – Less Is More - set objectives only for the ‘make or break’ areas - your ‘Vital Few’

Set Out Your Values - develop some specific Company Values, the behaviours you need in order to achieve your breakthrough goals. Live them! Insist everyone else in the business lives them

Be Different - stand out from the crowd, do things differently

Stay Entrepreneurial - keep searching for new, related opportunities

Go International - don’t limit yourself to the UK. Find out who needs your products and services overseas – and sell to them as well

All Pull Together – A Winning Team - remember to communicate and deploy your strategy. Get everyone on board

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