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Leading for the long term

Creating an environment that encourages sustainable success, rather than simply looking to the short term, will not only help you move on from initially realising your vision, but will also provide the stability on which you and your organisation can thrive.

As a leader, showing that you have your mind focused as much on the long-term as you have on the present will give your people the confidence that their future is in safe hands. Consequently, they are likely to pledge their futures to you, with the dedication, commitment and loyalty that it brings.

Equally, any stakeholders will be reassured by this approach and will be more willing to commit their support or sign longer-term contracts. All of which will make a major contribution to your success.

This means that your mindset should be orientated around a “built to last” philosophy. While achieving short term goals is vital to victory, they must link into a higher purpose for life, career, relationships and family.

Real success is not transient, but is based on deep-rooted principles that want to give something back. Many organisations and individuals want to leave a legacy that will add value long into the future. To achieve this, avoid short-term gain as this can lead to long-term loss, but rather connect your thinking to the principle of sustainability.

Embrace this mentality and you will become a star of the future, savouring ongoing success and fulfilment. A long-term perspective translates into a positive human quality that attracts, engages and energises others.

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