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Leading yourself

If part of our journey to success involves leading others, you should first reflect on how good you are at leading yourself. Do you have a framework within which you manage and lead your life? Do you have a written statement of what you believe in or of how you want to be perceived by others?

It’s important for you to have a clear set of beliefs and values, and to be disciplined enough to apply them to everything you do. This personal creed will not only help you to follow your dream consistently and effectively, but it will also dictate how you behave towards and engage with colleagues, friends and your community – the vital support system to assist you in your mission. It will provide the basis upon which you lead people, so the more ethical and honest your set of beliefs are the better. This will engender trust and loyalty – two key factors in helping your people perform to the maximum, and become a great leader.

You’re more likely to achieve your quest for long-lasting sustainable success and personal growth if you have a moral compass embedded within your mindset, which governs how you lead your life and how you lead others. Although linked to your vision, your personal creed is more about what you believe rather than what you want to become. It is a statement of belief about who you are, and will therefore significantly influence what others think of you. View it as a blueprint for how to live your life and how you treat others. Carefully consider it, distill it and practice it.

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