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Learn from success

Get into the habit of finding out about successful people and how they have achieved their goals. You may simply be able to talk to them directly if you know them personally (family, friends, colleagues, boss), or you can research and read up about them. Their leadership style, their ability to motivate teams, how they overcame adversity and their account of their road to success can all prove to be inspiring nuggets that you can use to propel you towards your own vision.

You can use their experiences to guide your own life. Read their stories of hardship and how mental toughness helped them face major challenges. Carefully consider what you read and distil the key elements that are relevant to your situation, and then think about how you can learn from them.

Are you clear in your own mind who influences you? Whose achievements do you admire? Has anyone successfully achieved a vision similar to yours? Answering these critical questions can help you select the most relevant people to tap into. Then you can use their methods, techniques and insight to fast track your own success. Cherry picking people’s knowledge can be extremely beneficial to your own situation. They can help you to change your behaviour and identify the skills you may lack.

Comparing your own performance and attitudes to those people you consider successful, then implementing a plan of action to embrace aspects of their approach can be a very powerful exercise.

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