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Learning by doing

Great learning is summed up by Confucius’s philosophy of:

What I hear I forget

What I see I remember

What I do I understand

Great entrepreneurs, successful people and effective sales individuals are those that put into practice what they learn. Many believe that entrepreneurial learning is the most effective route to self development. Some thoughts on this:

  • New ideas and great innovations only create value when someone puts thinking and thoughts into practice

  • Experiential learning is a highly effective way of developing your skills and competences. Research shows that entrepreneurs learn more effectively by trying it out

  • Keep your eyes and ears open to new ways of doing things - try new stuff and apply it in your job. Amazing things happen! You will progress fast

  • Too many people keep learning opportunities in their mind. Don’t just read, take action and put things into practice. Too much theory in conversations results in lack of personal credibility

  • Learning by doing creates momentum, the more you do, the more you understand. As a result you will grow in confidence

  • Those individuals that have first hand experience of what they are talking about - “Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk” gain credibility

  • Listen to people who have achieved great things, observe what they do and put their actions and tactics into practice

  • Learn on the job, find a coach or mentor and develop yourself by “doing”

  • Trial and error delivers life experiences and wisdom. Having been through it and understanding, leads to others wanting to engage with you

  • Actions speak louder than words - words lead to inertia, actions and understanding create momentum

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