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Learning from experience

The pursuit of success is a journey packed with exciting new experiences and possibilities. Although you’re likely to enlist the help of others along the way, the ultimate force towards fulfilling your vision is you. It is you that will make it happen, and the process of actively striving to follow your passion will itself be a learning experience.

In fact, it’s vital to make yourself open and receptive to this knowledge, as it will play a key role in your personal and professional development. Much of this will be discovering yourself through how you handle and react to the challenges you will face. This voyage of discovery will reveal the real you and help you define your vision more clearly.

Although you need to be the driving force behind your ambition, making things happen isn’t just about intense activity. You will also need to take the time to reflect on what you’ve done, to assess with clarity what is and is not working. For example, when faced with adversity, did you meet the challenges head on, accept them and then re-navigate, rather than accepting defeat?

Your true strengths, weaknesses and limitations become clearly apparent when you are presented with difficult situations – such as losing your job, an unsuccessful business pitch or bad health. It is these life events that form who you are, what you believe in and what is important to you. You must frame your mindset in readiness to cope with these challenges – when adversity strikes, successful people refocus and move on with high levels of energy. Activity never ceases.

Valuable learning experiences and personal discovery comes from a constant stream of activity focused towards delivering your goal – some intense, some less so. By taking charge and making things happen, you will be in control of your destiny.

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