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Life's a pitch!

Show us a successful person and we will show you a salesman! We are all selling irrespective of what we do or what job function we fulfil. Ambitious people are constantly on the path of influencing or negotiating to get what they want. The skills an entrepreneur uses to create customers are exactly those a university graduate would use when looking to convince an employer they are the person for the job.

People still cringe when the word 'selling' is used but we are all doing it every day of the week - so what is so bad about selling ourselves? These negative mindsets around pitching/selling inhibit individual performance and impose limitations on what is really possible! Every day you can see individuals with massive potential who want to achieve more - they just can't sell themselves because of the fear it creates.

The great pitchers in this world are the ones who think from the customer or stakeholder’s (the person you are trying to influence) point of view - that means what is in it for them. Once you have a better understanding of what the audience wants to hear, you can then pitch your idea or proposition with greater clarity. Remember pitching is all about searching for alignment - what you want and the other person needs.

Learn the skills of pitching if you want to progress and fulfil your true potential.

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