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Limiting beliefs

Sometimes we can sabotage our personal development by imposing limiting beliefs that inhibit our progression and journey to success. If you think you can’t achieve bigger and better things then there is no more certain than one thing – YOU WONT ACHIEVE!

Some thoughts on doing away with limiting beliefs:

  1. Think big - set out your desires and future plans in a very clear and concise way. Write down what you want to achieve

  2. Visualise what success will look like and keep that picture clear in your mind. This will be your self-motivator for the future

  3. DO NOT share your dreams or aspirations with anyone that you think will undermine, poke fun or ridicule what you are trying to achieve

  4. DO share your thoughts and dreams with like-minded people. These people will reinforce your approach and will be there for you when things are not going to plan

  5. Keep telling yourself that you can achieve and nothing is going to stop you from getting there. Failure is just another opportunity for learning

  6. Think in the NOW - treat every challenge as a learning experience and just get on with it. Keep taking small steps to achieving your goals; this will result in a gradual extension of your comfort zones. By doing this you will rise to new challenges and achieve bigger things

  7. Do away with the “baggage of life”, experiences of life can condition the way we think and behave. Shake off past experiences and move on, don’t let them dictate the future

  8. Limiting beliefs are extremely powerful and invisible forces of life. They will hold you back from going forward. When they kick in - just move your mind away from them and back to your vision (point 2). Ignore the inner negative voice that talks to you!

  9. Always use positive “self talk” - I can, I will, I want

  10. Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile; everyone said it was impossible - however he ignored the 2,000 athletes that went before him and DID IT

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