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Locking into your passion

Winning individuals and entrepreneurs tend to be very passionate about their cause and indeed their mission. Tapping into your passion can be an extremely powerful exercise. Passion creates charisma and charisma sells, it also engages others.

Winning people find a way of tapping into their passion and unlocking the potential that it creates for self-development, advancement and improvement.

Some thoughts on passion:

  1. When you lock in to your passion you are on a firm foundation for success

  2. If you don’t love what you do then you will never “excel”. Go and do something else!

  3. Individuals with passion create charisma - charisma sells and engages others to buy in to what you do

  4. Your passion can be defined in terms of the 4F’s: Fun - I love what I do! Fame - I am recognised for what I do! Fortune - My reward needs are fulfilled! Future - There is longevity and a sense of purpose!

  5. Unlock your passion - if you believe in something very strongly, let it go and let the world know about it!

  6. Passionate people get on with it, they are driven by a clear sense of purpose - they want to change the world and make a difference!

  7. Passion is an invisible force that energises others and delivers personal momentum

  8. People with passion capture the hearts and minds of others

  9. The availability of new technology allows us, with passion, to make our thoughts and views known on a global stage - BLOGS, Podcasts, Web – these tools are at our disposal to communicate our views and messages

  10. Follow your passion and success will follow. Passionate people make a real difference and change the world for the better!

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