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Look for energisers

There are two groups of people that you will come across in your quest to succeed – one, the energisers, will provide inspiration; the other, the sappers will drain you of energy and make you question your very being. It is vital that your desire for success is only communicated to those with a genuine heart-felt interest in your success. Energisers should form the most significant part of your personal network. While they are positive in their outlook, they are also pragmatic and can view situations and opportunities with ruthless simplicity.

They will tell you how they see it. However, this will be communicated with candour and respect, so be sure to associate with these individuals. Energisers are the mental stimulants successful people need to keep them going. They will provide invaluable support to help you through tough times. Energy sappers, on the other hand, will eat away at your internal motivation and dreams.

Not only should you associate with energisers, but also you must become one yourself, because, in turn, you will attract others. This magnetic effect starts to create a group of people that think in the same way. With sufficient critical mass, these individuals become the catalyst for massive change in communities, economies, arts and politics.

The Impressionist movement in Paris, for example, in the early 1800s and the Motown record label in the 1950s both came about by groups of energisers – energetic individuals with a passion to do something big. Energisers spark off each other, they debate and enthuse. They are the pioneers and innovators who develop new possibilities that deliver groundbreaking ideas. Energisers can change the world, make sure that you are surrounded by them!

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