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Looking through their eyes

Proactively moving towards your goals means that you will have to work hard at connecting with and influencing others to embrace your way of thinking. The quest to create win-win relationships with key partners, members of your stakeholder groups and customers or others who use your service should be a primary objective. The starting point is to be able to view things from their perspective – not only yours.

If your own personal needs are all that matters, then people will detect this and question your motives. The lack of interest in the other person’s world very clearly signals that you are out just for yourself. This becomes a real danger zone for any ambitious person who wants to achieve their goals, particularly if getting people on side is a key strategy to moving forward.

When you enter into discussions with potential partners, customers or individuals that need to be influenced, your chances of a positive outcome will be greatly enhanced if you do your homework. The necessity for preparation cannot be underestimated.

The very process of getting closer to someone means that you are better informed. Your messages become well targeted and you equip yourself with a far better chance of fending off any potential challenges or opposition. Your ability to anticipate and deal with these issues will position you as both professional and credible.

Spend time looking at what is important to the people you need to influence. Once you master the art of living in the world of others, your ability to display genuine added value will become well appreciated. You will them come to excel at connecting with others, and will also learn how to fine tune your approach to add even more value to your relationship.

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