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Effective communication lies at the heart of any successful that people are not only clear about their roles, but also feel that they are being kept in ‘the loop’ about any developments. This helps people make a stronger emotional connection, while keeping everyone firmly

on track.

A breakdown in communication and ineffective connectivity lies at the heart of many of the problems we face in our professional and personal lives. It’s so easy to make assumptions that others know what is going on, when they don’t. That’s why it’s vital to create space for both formal and informal chat, to avoid people being able to claim: “I never knew that.”

Fortunately, we live in an era where there is no shortage of communication tools at our disposal. This also means that there’s little excuse for not keeping people informed. Effective communication results from using multiple channels – talk, social media and mobile routes. But with increasingly digital and electronic means available, it’s even more important that we engage personally face to face – discussing the challenges of the day, what went right, successes, new plans and ideas. This make people feel personally involved and gives them greater ownership. Sitting around the dinner table, having l powerful in building emotional and personal bonds.

This is how a sense of team spirit is created. By mixing impersonal and more intimate forms of communication, you will start to understand people more, their needs and drivers. It is surprising how much you can find out about people when you connect in this way. You can

unearth possibilities you never imagined, which can drive you closer to your goals more quickly.

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