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Make quality count 07/12/2021

Ultimately quality is about delivering exactly what customers' want, where and when they want it. Also quality is first and foremost an attitude of mind. If you believe your products or services ‘are good enough' - then they aren't. If it's a case of 'they will never notice' - then they will. One of the features of high growth companies is that their customers act as ambassadors. There's no chance of that - unless they believe you deliver real quality.

Similarly you can only provide quality products and services if you have a real insight into the needs of your customers, what 'hits the spot' with them, what are their expectations. Only when you understand these things - because you live in the customer's world - can you set out your stall to meet and beat those expectations. One more thing about quality - the cost is nil. If you get things right first time you save loads of money – the payback is tremendous.

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