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Making an immediate impact

The art of great connectivity and engagement involves making a positive impact almost immediately. This enables you to press ahead with interacting and encouraging a constructive exchange of views that brings value to both parties. If you can do this you will become known as someone who can put people at their ease by empathising with them, and then bring the most out of them to maximise the effectiveness of a meeting for all concerned.

At a job interview, the ability to quickly make people feel comfortable helps them feel positive towards you and more receptive of what you have to say. During a presentation to a new group of customers, this will enable you to grab their attention and give you more time to explain your offer.

A number of factors determine how quickly you can personally engage with your audience. Your tone needs to be warm and inviting from the off, while you should also have an air of authority and confidence, without displaying arrogance. You also need to prove your knowledge and experience early on, while not being afraid to get your audience involved by asking their opinion or if they have any questions for you. You will also need to look the part, but this should suit your audience, rather than simply looking as smart as you can. If you overdo it, you can come across as intimidating.

Within a short time you are aiming to get people to trust you and view you as credible, while building a rapport with your audience to maximise engagement.

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