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Making your ideas work

A great way to give yourself an edge over your rivals is to come up with an innovative idea and get it out to your audience as soon as you can. The fear of getting it wrong can hold you back, so that success passes you by. But one way of overcoming this inhibitor is to be confident that your idea is going to work.

As well as coming up with an innovative concept, to become a success, you also need to give equal consideration to how you are going to implement your creative thoughts and make them happen. This means that you need to give careful thought to factors that are critical to the success of your concept. While over analysis can lead to paralysis, it is good practice to evaluate ideas against a simple framework. This enables you to make a judgement call on the likely outcome, and it can give you the confidence, strength and courage to press ahead and see your idea through to reality.

All too often, creative thought and practical reality fail to go hand in hand. The key is to strike the right balance between the two, so that you have good reason to believe that your idea will be a success. Great ideas are pointless if you can’t build momentum into their implementation. A good way of doing this is to develop a way of quickly assessing the

practicality of your concepts. This then gives you the driving force to pursue them.

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