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Marking victories

When you and your people have achieved success, celebration must follow rapidly in recognition of your triumph. This becomes the reward for all the hard work, commitment and dedication that your group or team has put in. It serves as motivation going forward and gives the space and time to reinforce the how the success was achieved and revel in its glory.

Celebration can span the spectrum from a group cheer through to a party for all the contributors. The celebration is more than a release of emotional energy, it provides an opportunity to review everyone’s performance at an enhanced level of awareness.

Given that you and your people have achieved what you set out to deliver, your relaxed state of being allows you to analyse what went well in a more detached way. While conventional wisdom tells you to learn from your mistakes, equally you must also learn from what you

did well.

Part of the celebration should involve a period of reflection to distill “success insights” – those positive aspects of the performance that can be reproduced over and over again. This becomes an extremely effective way to build a stronger team bond, expertise and confidence. It’s a good idea to take time to note down the core ingredients of the success, and then circulate it to all members of your team to remind them of the key facets of achievement.

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