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Monitor your thoughts ...

A key part of getting yourself in shape to successfully pursue your vision and building mental strength to drive you forward is training your mind towards positive thoughts. We all have many conversations with ourselves throughout the day in response to the situations we encounter. Keeping them positive will have the effect of flattening out the peaks and troughs in your moods. Because the way you handle situations will be directly influenced by your thoughts and mood, this approach will result in more positive outcomes.

With every challenge you face and every barrier you try to overcome, it’s important to take away the positives rather than focusing on the negative aspects of the struggle. Sometimes it’s easy to let your mind dwell on the problems as you relive the experiences in your mind, meaning the struggle may have been prolonged resulting in anxiety. It’s important to learn from these situations, but dwelling too much on the fight rather than the positive outcome can hold you back. Sustained periods of failure or experiences that resulted in humiliation, anger, disappointment, fear, hurt or injury can trigger a whole series of negative inner discussions that can sabotage achieving your vision.

As part of your conditioning for success, it is vital that you listen carefully to and control the conversations you have with yourself, as they can have a powerful effect on how you act. Focusing your thoughts and internal conversations on the positive can act as a catalyst in helping you get what you want out of life.

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