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Overcoming the fear factor

Developing and implementing new ideas that can give you an edge often means that you have to take a step into the unknown. In moving forward with your innovative idea, you run the risk of getting it wrong. The fear of your idea not working can be a very powerful force that can hinder you from realising your true potential and ultimately throw you off course on your journey to success.

There are a wide range of factors that fuel the fear to take a creative leap in the dark and inhibit the progression of your new ideas. These include losing money, rejection and humiliation. Consequently, many great ideas stay on the drawing board and prevent people from creating something that could potentially be revolutionary, groundbreaking and


Traditional organisational cultures also fail to either embrace or promote an atmosphere of creativity. Their stale behaviours and out-moded thinking dictate that the status quo is a far safer bet. This leaves people unwilling to compromise their position as the risk of failure could jeopardise their future prospects. Unfortunately, these barriers leave people feeling unfulfilled and frustrated at not being able to release their potential.

Excelling at your chosen vocation or profession means that you must embrace a spirit of bravery and courage. The successful implementation of new ideas means you have to explore and implement options, some of which may well not work out. Embracing risk becomes an essential behaviour of any ambitious goal-orientated person.

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