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Patience is a virtue

Ambitious people have traditionally found patience a tough virtue to embrace. The burning desire for success often comes with an inherent internal hunger for it to happen as quickly as possible. However, the reality is that achieving your goals in life means that you will have to develop patience in order to tolerate the waiting game you face.

The frustrations associated with delay often present themselves with an agitated or upset feeling that can consume your mind. By adopting the attitude of patience, you become far more effective in controlling your emotions and impulses. This will allow you to become calm when faced with difficulties.

Needless to say, patience does not come as second nature to many of us. To help prepare yourself mentally to be more patient, you should face the fact that anything worth achieving does not happen overnight. What’s more, you should open your eyes to the impression that impatience gives out to others. Displays of impatience can make you look childish, spoilt, unrealistic and desperate, and as such are unlikely to make people respect you. Patience, on the other hand, gives off a sense of calm, strength, self-confidence, control and intelligence

– traits that anyone would welcome in their friend, colleague, boss, partner or client.

You can also practise the art of thinking before you speak – this starts to condition your mind to be more thoughtful and patient. By becoming patient you will enjoy the journey to success more. You’ll also become more considered and take situations in your stride more readily.

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