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Personal re-invention - moving forward

To move on in life and succeed you must constantly reinvent yourself. Moving through your career, growing your business or just wanting to stay in the lead often means that you have to keep reinventing yourself.

Some thoughts:

  1. If you are happy with “you”, then fantastic, however don’t poke fun or laugh at those people that want to move on and achieve more

  2. Our experience is that most people want to achieve bigger and better things

  3. Moving upwards and onwards often involves the need to reinvent what and how we do things

  4. Our experience is that people get stuck in a rut and can't find a way out

  5. If you want more, then the first action is wake up and understand that things have to change!

  6. Sometimes it takes time for the penny to drop, but when it does, move fast to your new goals

  7. Think about what you want and try to crystallise exactly what it is

  8. Write down your ambitions, desires and dreams in your personal journal or notebook

  9. Write down your mission with milestones and timescales

  10. List the things that need to change - face your biggest challenges head on because when you conquer them it’s a great feeling.

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