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You’d be crazy to run a marathon without preparing yourself in advance, both mentally and physically. Not doing so would give you little chance of success, and even if, by some miracle, you did manage to finish the race, you’d be well down the field and would certainly run the risk of doing yourself some serious harm in the process. The same goes for your quest to realise your vision.

You’ve found your passion, pinned down exactly what success means to you and set yourself a provisional series of goals to light your way. Now you need to get yourself in peak condition for the long road ahead. Although staying physically fit by taking regular exercise and eating healthily will help by keeping you mentally alert, energised and robust, it’s arguably your head rather than your body that needs the most preparation.

You need to focus on how you should go about getting yourself in shape so that you can launch your mission on top form, brimming with purpose, vigour and mental strength to give yourself the best possible start and maximise your chance of hitting your key goals. Your mindset is crucial, along with making the right connections to help you stay mentally strong.

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