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Protect your crown jewels

If you are doing things differently then you will have some so called 'intellectual property'. It's part of what gives you your edge in the marketplace. So protect it - before someone else steals it. Examine the possibility of using patents, design right, registered design, trademark, copyright and confidentiality agreements. Sure there is a price tag - but investing in IPR protection may be one of the best investments you ever make. It's not just for the big companies. Moreover don't leave it too late - competitors can and do access your IPR much earlier than used to be the case, they just go on your website! Counterfeiting is a colossal industry in its own right - bigger than the national income of most countries. IPR protection isn't perfect - but counterfeiters are like most criminals, they tend to go for the easy targets i.e. those with no protection. So protect your intellectual property, your crown jewels.

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