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Reinforcing key messages

It’s important to consistently reinforce important messages to both yourself and those you are leading to make sure key tasks are carried out on time and in the right way. This helps to keep you on track to

achieve your vision. You and your people are likely to be working in a busy environment, where it can be easy to forget key information, so having a regime in place that regularly reinforces important details to help and support your team is a sign of good leadership.

When other people become part of your equation for success, it’s vital to maintain regular communication that enables everyone concerned to be clear about what needs to be achieved. This can mean repeating yourself, but persistence in communicating vital messages will ultimately ensure there is united thinking – and people will thank you for keeping them on course.

When reinforcing key information, you need to make sure that you’re being consistent. If not, then you may be misunderstood or cause confusion. In other words, you will be sending out mixed messages, and this could erode your credibility as a leader. Furthermore, you’ll become frustrated as others start to ignore your voice.

The backbone of effective communication is a continuous feed of information delivered with clarity and consistency. When you incorporate this into your daily routine, not only will you engage with

others more effectively, but you’ll also find it easier to say what you want to.

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