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Reinventing yourself

To maintain a high level of purpose, motivation and performance so you can keep pushing the boundaries and deliver more, at some point you are likely to need to make key changes to the way you operate. It may be that you have become stuck in a routine that you need to break out of because it is halting your progress. Or your market may have changed and to keep moving forward you need to tap into a new audience, or take a different approach. Perhaps you need to relocate or expand overseas to capitalise on shifting demand or to increase success. All these initiatives require you to reinvent yourself to some degree.

You must accept that you have far greater control over your life than you realise – who you are, what you want and what you think. Your mental outlook on life, as well as your character and personality remain under your own leadership and guidance. When things don’t go to plan or you feel that you are stalling in your career or personal life, its time to

do something different.

You should be prepared for this and have the right mindset to be able to embrace change when necessary. When you lose motivation or the results aren’t coming through, that’s the time to act. You can’t excel if the goalposts have moved and you are no longer aligned to your goals. To go the extra mile, you must understand the need to adapt.

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