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Review your performance

Although you may be working hard to realise your vision, if what you’re doing isn’t productive then you won’t be getting any closer to your goal – or certainly not progressing as quickly as you could be. That’s why it’s important to regularly review your performance in line with your goals, otherwise your actions can become disconnected from your vision and pull you off course.

Successful people constantly evaluate their performance to assess whether they are on track to achieve their goals. They take nothing for granted and complacency never creeps into their mindset.

Complacency and a dangerous sense of invincibility can set in when you achieve a string of ongoing successes, as your mind becomes conditioned to accept winning as the norm. However, sustainable long-term success is highly dependant on remaining connected to our purpose and goals. This means you should regularly take stock of how things are going.

Constantly reviewing your performance and your environment will not only ensure you’re on course, but will also help to provide you with the necessary foresight to be able to anticipate future challenges and unexpected situations – and to prepare for them.

You must develop a mechanism for sense checking both your thought processes and the activities you implement in pursuit of your ambitions. Irrespective of whether you fail or succeed, you must keep your finger on the pulse of your progress.

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