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Rise above envy

There is nothing quite like the feeling of achieving something. The sense of euphoria and satisfaction makes all your hard work worth it. Often, one of the first things you want to do following a success is to tell people about it, as it’s great to share these key moments. But how would you feel if someone wanted to celebrate their success with you? Would you be delighted at their achievement or would you harbour resentment and jealously?

Sadly, the latter emotion is an all too common response to success. In fact, personal achievement can stimulate a whole raft of negative feelings from others. Rather than offering praise and genuine applause to those whose hard work has delivered results, all too often so called friends, colleagues and family become envious.

This way of thinking is frequently associated with the wealth and material goods that we perceive others have acquired or the accomplishments and rewards our peers enjoy. If your mindset is dominated by this way of thinking, then it is time for change. You must do away with resentment as it will consume your thoughts and distract your own efforts. It creates mental and emotional hurdles that stand in the way of you getting on with what you need to do.

If you’re confident in your own ability and content in your mission to achieve your vision, then other’s success should not be seen as a threat, but as something to celebrate. You should also use the victory as a stimulus for you to learn and acquire new knowledge – it provides hidden clues that can guide your own mission. Ask yourself why have they succeeded and what you can learn from them.

Genuinely revelling in the success of others will earn you respect as people will see you as magnanimous, generous and caring. It’s also vital to celebrate and reward success in your support group and team, not only as motivation, but also to set the right example and gain

respect and loyalty.

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