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Self improvement

Personal development is the ultimate source of competitive advantage. When you stop learning, you run the risk of your career becoming stagnant. Life is one continuous learning journey and every new experience presents itself as an opportunity to acquire more knowledge. High achievers are life-time learners, combining both formal and informal means of absorbing new information. As you progress along your journey to success, you will get where you want to be more quickly if you have a strategy for learning, and a personal growth plan.

By constantly reviewing your performance, knowledge and experience, and aiming for self-improvement, you are maximising your chances of outperforming others. Your commitment to getting better at what you do will also impress people and make them confident that they are getting the best possible service. Your support group or team will also be motivated to improve themselves by the example you are setting.

To be able to improve yourself, you need to be open and honest about your current abilities and how they could be improved to help you realise your vision. It’s also worth asking others for their honest opinions, as they may be able to see something that you can’t. So speak openly to friends, colleagues and family to find out how they think you can improve. They will be impressed by your self-effacing behaviour and probably be only too happy to help. Commit to constant learning and you will achieve your goals more effectively.

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