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Selling from within

We once had the great pleasure of addressing an audience of sales staff from one of Europe’s largest businesses. At the end of the session one of the Directors invited the best performing sales staff to get up and share the secrets of their success with the audience. Three great sales people got up to summarise their nuggets of success for others to learn from - here are some of the words and phrases they used:

“I totally believe in the products I sell” “I believe in myself” “I LOVE what I do” - “It just gives me a kick”

“I get mad with myself if it goes wrong” “Just wanted to prove I could be the best”

“Its all about drive and determination “I wanted to prove people wrong” “I just wanted to be the best”

We were inspired by the words of these extremely successful people in that their drive and determination came from “deep within”. It was about that desire to win and make a difference; it was fuelled by a determination to WIN.

Winning is a state of mind and those that succeed in selling and indeed anything they do have a deep-rooted desire. We must encourage, coach and nurture those individuals with this mindset, as they are the stars of tomorrow.

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