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Sense of purpose

Your vision for success must be supported by a strong sense of purpose. Setting the right goals to reach your destination acts as the stepping stones to success, fuelled by your passion for your vision. But it is your sense of purpose that will drive you from goal to goal.

If your vision truly reflects your passion and what you want to get out of life, and you have aligned a series of goals to take you there, you should be instilled with a strong sense of purpose – with a will to succeed.

When your vision is underpinned by the foundation of purpose, it provides traction to what you want to achieve in your life and your career. This in turn delivers accelerated performance, moving you closer to your target.

Purposeful people display self-confidence, creating an energy that attracts likeminded people, situations and circumstances that help them achieve their vision.

You must take time out to reflect on your purpose. Extraordinary things can be achieved when we have a sense of purpose. So often we see individuals with outstanding talents – musical, academic or sporting – never realise their full potential. This is because they lack a sense of purpose. Perhaps their vision of where they want to be was not aligned with the direction in which their talents have taken them. Perhaps they have been following others’ vision for them rather than their own.

On the other hand, people with average ability who have clarity of purpose can achieve outstanding results.

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