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Serve your apprenticeship

Harnessing your passion and sense of purpose with the aim of pursuing of your vision with real vigour will help to drive you forward as quickly as possible towards your goal. But your initial impetus will not be the one that takes you over the finish line. The key to success is learning from the multitude of experiences along the way, developing and progressing personally and professionally, and then using the new knowledge and skills to drive you further forward and accelerate the process.

To truly appreciate success, you need to be ready for it. As such, it’s wise to serve your apprenticeship, as you will then be more able to cope with your achievements and press on beyond them to even greater things. Getting there too soon and not putting in sufficient effort will mean you won’t reap the maximum rewards from your success.

Too many people strive for the glory long before it is deserved. Individuals that lack self-awareness often seek reward, praise and financial gain even though they have failed to reach the required levels to justify their desires. This is a common behaviour of those that don’t want to put time and effort into developing themselves and their goals.

Maintain your focus on what is important and the goals you have set yourself. The limelight and the glamour can be extremely seductive. They can also override our genuine intention. Receiving the award of achieving your vision is an extremely rewarding payback from life. It also nourishes your sense of purpose. Being recognised for what you have achieved provides a spiritual boost and becomes an extremely motivating force to inspire you to want to go on and achieve even more.

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